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Past Winners

Show & Shine 2016

The 2016 event was a great one. Drivers from all over BC and Alberta came to show off their vehicles, and enjoyed the beautiful valley of Pemberton.  With the help of our sponsors, we were able to offer some great prizes.

Here’s how it turned out:

Best Ford

Winner: Kent Robertson
Vehicle:  1927 Ford
Prize: Socket Set
Sponsor: Rona (prize) and Coastal Ford Squamish (trophy)

Best GM/ Chev/ Olds

Winner:  Stu Donald
Vehicle: 1956 Chevy Bel Air
Prize:  Battery Charger
Sponsor: Napa (prize) and Blacks Hot Wheels (trophy)

Best Mopar

Winner:  Larry McHale
Vehicle: 1969 Road Runner
Prize:  DeWalt Drill Bit Set
Sponsor: Napa (prize) and Howe Sound Chrysler (trophy)

Best Import

Winner:  Bob Elwin
Vehicle: 1969 MG GT
Prize:  iStart Battery Pac Charger
Sponsor: Napa (prize) and Innergex (trophy)

Best Truck

Winner:  Clayton Sutherland
Vehicle: 1929 Ford Model A
Prize:  Stanley Lunch Box Set
Sponsor: Rona (prize) and AC Gas (trophy)

Best Bike

Winner:  Neil Bailes
Vehicle: 1997 Harley Davidson
Prize:  Moto Outfit
Sponsor: Route 99 Motorsports (prize and trophy)

Best Unusual

Winner:  Martin Luffinger
Vehicle: Lotus 7
Prize:  DeWalt Tool Box
Sponsor: DeWalt (prize) and WRM Strata Management (trophy)

Best Paint

Winner:  Lyle Stackoski
Vehicle: 1936 Dodge
Prize:  Shine Kit
Sponsor: Auto Glym (prize) and Off Road Autobody & Towing (trophy)

Work In Progress

Winner:  Bill deGraffe
Vehicle: 1967 Chevelle
Prize:  Motor Oil and DeWalt cooler
Sponsor: Lil’Wat Gas (prize) and Scotiabank (trophy)

Babe Magnet

Winner:  Gord Gouland
Vehicle: 1932 Ford
Prize:  Pilot Car Wash Kit
Sponsor: Rona (prize) and Big Als Autowash (trophy)

Best Local

Winner:  Graham Turner
Vehicle: 1984 Honda 50 X2
Prize:  Free fill up of Premium
Sponsor: Lil’Wat Gas (prize) and Pemberton Valley Supermarket (trophy)

Best Custom

Winner:  Marv Wutzke
Vehicle: 1937 Ford
Prize:  Snap On Prize Package
Sponsor: Snap On (prize) and Lordco (trophy)

Long Distance Award

Winner:  Mike Moore
Vehicle: Chevy Corvette
Prize:  Free fill up of Premium
Sponsor: Lil’Wat Gas (prize) and Lil’Wat Gas (trophy)

Car Owners Choice

Winner:  Dave Barnfield
Vehicle: 1970 Dodge Challenger
Prize:  Pro Ramps
Sponsor: Continental Pole (prize) and Summit Lodge (trophy)

Lions Choice

Winner:  Wade Soball
Vehicle: 1957 Oldsmobile
Prize:  Jack Stands
Sponsor: Continental Pole (prize) and Summit Lodge (trophy)

Best In Show

Winner:  Marv Wutzke
Vehicle: 1932 Ford
Prize:  DeWalt Power Tools
Sponsor: DeWalt (prize) and Napa Auto Parts (trophy)