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Prepping and Planning for the Holidays

Our November meetings were long ones, with discussions concerning our upcoming events and activities.  Perhaps our most exciting news is the addition of our new member, Linda Den Duyf.

Congratulations and Welcome to Linda!


In the first photo you can see Stan reading the Lions Club Membership information.  In the second photo, our own Zone Chair Vince, is pinning Griz with a special millennial edition pin for sponsoring a new member.  The last photo shows the three, with Linda in the centre holding her centennial membership certificate.   We are so thrilled to welcome a new member to the club!

November 1st and 15th Meetings

Here’s a little update on our most recent meetings:

  • We had a visit from Linda Brown who helps to run the Lions Villa.  This villa is a low income/ seniors housing project built to help house our Pemberton community.  Our club helps to oversee maintenance and general day to day operations of the Villa.
  • We are busy planning the seniors dinner.  This event will host 65 seniors from Pemberton and Mt. Currie at the Legion.  Dinner will include Turkey with the fixings, plus dessert.  This event is a busy one so if you are free to lend a hand on Saturday December 2, please let us know.
  • Christmas tree sales will happen on December 2.  We will have a variety of trees and are hoping to sell out again this year.
  • Did you know that the club also has their own Christmas party?  This gives us the opportunity to visit with one another outside of meetings.  We also do a little gift exchange between members.

Our next meeting will happen after both the Seniors dinner, and the Christmas tree sales.  We hope to see you on Wednesday December 6th at the Legion!