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It’s Not Weak To Speak

On February 15, 2017 we had the pleasure of hosting Terrance and his team for a presentation on what he does and why.  His powerful words captured our hearts, and we hope to spread the word on his important work.  Please see below for his original post.

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** WE SERVE **

A few weeks before ITS NOT WEAK TO SPEAK tour began, a Mountain Lion ( Terrance Joseph Kosikar) was roaming through his forest, when he came face to face with a very unfamiliar kind of Lion.

This was not your typical ferouscious, beastly, man eating Lion though.

His pride calls him “Medd”, driven with his heart, successful, intelligent, and ambitious, His tail flicked back and forth with excitement as he approached the haggard old beast, battle scars deep, still shackled in chains.

Kosikar, cautiously looked around before asking Medd.

“What kind of Lion are you, and how many of you are there?”

Medd replies – The purpose of our Lions are :

To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

To Promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community.

We now have over 1.4 million Lions Club members in over 200 countries around the world.

Medd says to Kosikar, “as the bird chirps these past few months, word in the forest is, you have spent nearly 40 years as a urban Lion, and have endured alot of personal experience with Post Traumatic Stress, Mental Health, and Addcition.”

Some songs say, your going to be flipping your tire, while shackled in those chains, around the province of British Columiba to raise awareness to Post Traumatic Stress.

“During this tour, how would you like to come to our Pemberton Lions Club , as our guest speaker and share your journey, goals and dreams with us” ?

My smile lit up ear to ear, my heart nearly skipped a beat, and this incredibly warm sensation tingled throughout every inch of my soul and couldn’t even say the words “YES SIR”, fast enough.

The second my paraliazed mouth could move again, I cleared my throat and replied immediatly. “ABSOLUTELY”, It would be an honour to come and speak with a few fella Lions at your club ”.

It all seemed kind of odd to me when I walked away from this conversation. As I stood outside, again looking up to the universe as the snow flakes melted on my warm smile, I couldn’t help but think back to a few years ago, when my mistress “HoneyBee”, suggested to me that I should be a Public Speaker one day cause I sure do talk too much.

I remember argueing with her, as I found it very disrespectful to say to a guy who’s biggest insecurity was “ talking” .

I know I talk to much , I know I am uneducated and have limited vocabulary, and sure get a little excited and can ceratinly go off rambling far to much.

I do know this about me and is why for over 40 years of my life, whenever in a group of people, my mouth turns off from many years of being laughed at , judged, talked about behind my back by many people always to be left feeling something was wrong with me.

Most of my life, these feelings often made me self medicate, cause like all of us do when we have a dream, or are excited about something we wanna talk and share it with others. But that insecure feeling you get , when you know from many years of being laughed at and judged to be a “ little different , or odd, sure makes a person like me feel horrible and hurt deeply inside.

The most difficult part of this life for me has been speaking to people, being asshamed of my past, ashamed of who I thought I was or what I had amounted too, knowing I took many wrong turns in my life and didn’t fit in to most groups, teams or circles of people.

And now, to have gone from nearly to ending my life on the Lions Gate Bridge, to being invited to be a guest speaker at a Lions Club – sure makes all the suicide attempts, the years of loneliness, and sleepless nights, the gallons of tears shed, all worth living for.

When our mind heals, and we do find peace in our life, you will look back at all of the dark days, and cold nights, all your insecurities, and wrong turns, as the light really does come and and you will come to a realization that at the time , all the negative emotions and thoughts that we think and feel, are actually our gifts and education to be excatly where we want to be one day.

Know yourself – Be Yourself – Love yourself – and one day, when you THINK or FEEL its all about to be over, your eyes will open, your dreams and wishes come true, cause now it’s just the beginning.

On June 7, 1917, The Lions Club was founded by Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman.

Jones’ personal code, “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else,” reminds many Lions of the importance of community service.

What alot of people are unaware of, is that Operation ITS NOT WEAK TO SPEAK tour had a budget of ZERO dollars and after we flipped our tire up Whistler Blackcomb, we really had no idea as to how we were going to complete the tour.

Thankfully, a few days after speaking to at the Lions Club, GM of Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel – Tony Medd approched me in the lobby and handed us our very first donation , a cheque that covered our costs to continue traveling around the province to raise awareness to Post Traumatic Stress, Mental Health, Addiciton and Recovery.

Thank you Pemberton Lions Club, for helping make our journey a huge success.